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Adebayo Ogunnusi first Homes Africa To Deliver 60,000 Houses In Four Years

Adebayo Ogunnusi first Homes Africa To Deliver 60,000 Houses In Four Years

A new entrant into the Nigerian real estate market, First Homes Africa, has promised to simplify the difficulties involved in owning personal houses in Nigeria by deploying tech-driven innovations to deliver 60,000 in the next four years.


Francis Ekeng, the founder of First Homes, said the initiative is meant to address future housing challenges as it centers on young adults, who will leverage the platform to possess their personal houses at an early age.


Ekeng noted that Nigeria has, over the years, faced a chronic housing deficit currently estimated at between 17 to 20 million housing units and is expected to increase annually.


He described First Homes as an online real estate start-up offering a transparent, flexible, and unique approach to homeownership targeted at the continent’s young adult.


Also speaking on the initiative, co-founder, Bayo Ogunnusi, explained that First Homes only requires that an individual saves an agreed amount in his wallet for a period of 15 months consecutively.


He stated that unlike what obtains in the way people run housing projects, “Firm Homes Africa is putting the power in the hands of the buyers and not the developer. The system has brought together all the stakeholders such as engineers, insurance companies, and financiers.”


According to him, the First Home Africa solution would involve a user-friendly platform that enables the target market to make a commitment to saving a predetermined amount over an agreed period.



First Homes Africa is an online landlord platform for homeowners, which is targeted at Millenials who want to own a home, without having to rent.

We had a Conversation with the Co-Founder & CFO Bayo Ogunnusi where he shares how First Homes is the Uber for the real estate industry – the platform was created to ease the home owning process, so individuals have the opportunity to choose their apartment, budget, and location to suit their preferences.


Learn how First Homes Africa uses Flutterwave to efficiently receive & track payments seamlessly and their future plans for expansion within Africa through this partnership.



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